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Rates from USA - Mobile to Canada - CELL
Generic USA Rates
Rates to specific destinations: Canada
Attention: In order to get this rates you must use local access numbers (if available) DETAILS
1.3 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Golden Lotus Card
$56hr 24min
PIN Free Access!
Speed Dial. Call History
Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
Rounding - 3 min
$1012hr 49min
$2025hr 38min
$5064hr 6min
$100128hr 12min
1.9 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Mariachi Card
$54hr 12min
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN

Maintenance Fee - 89 c/week

Rounding - 3 min
$108hr 25min
$2016hr 50min
$5042hr 5min
$10084hr 10min
2.1 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Simply Card
$54 hr
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee - 89 c/week
Rounding - 3 min
$107hr 56min
$2015hr 52min
$5039hr 40min
$10079hr 21min
2.4 ¢/min
Africa Card
$106hr 56min
Maintenance Fee - 69c/week
Rounding - 3 min
$2013hr 53min
2.4 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Continental Card
$53hr 24min
Rates for Local Access
PIN Free Access! No Maintenance Fee
Direct Dial. Speed Dial. Call History
SMS Call, Web Call, Prepaid VOIP.
$106hr 49min
$20 /$1813hr 39min
$50 /$4534hr 9min
$100 /$9068hr 18min
4.0 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Hello from UK Card
$52 hr
No Maintenance Fee
Call History
$104hr 6min
$208hr 12min
$5020hr 31min
$10041 hr
25.0 ¢/min
AT&T Card
$503hr 20min
No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min
All CardsAll Cards

SMS/WEB Originated Calls - Connect any two phones anywhere in the world
2.5 ¢/min
Web Callback - Continental Card Feature
Connect any two phone numbers in the world using web interface
No Maintenance Fee • Online Call History • Details »
a Continental card feature.
2.5 ¢/min
SMSCall - Continental Card Feature
Revolutionary Product
Send SMS message and get connected!
Rate when connecting to landline is: 2.5 ¢/min
No Maintenance Fee • 10¢ connection fee
a Continental card feature.

PC 2 Phone Cards - Calls from Computer / Prepaid VoIP (SIP)
1.9 ¢/min
Refillable Card
Continental Card
$54hr 24min
$108hr 49min
$20 /$1817hr 38min
$50 /$4544hr 5min
$100 /$9088hr 11min

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(*) Listed minutes are calculated based on one call using the local access rate. Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on the card. For complete information please see phone card details.

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